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Wopper of a Fish Story

Julie, Anne and the FishMeeting Julie

I met Julie when I was working at Harris Corporation. At the time, I was a software contractor and I had been working at Harris Composition Division for several years and had just started at a new division Harris created called Harris Word Processing Division. Word processing systems used terminals to connect several people to a central computer to create and edit documents. You must realize that this was just a few years before the introduction of Personal Computers which completely killed "word processor" systems. Well anyway, both Julie and I just started at this new division which Harris built a new building full of cubicles for the workers. At the time Julie shared a cubicle with a guy named Alan and I shared a cubicle with a woman named Susan. Interesting enough I married Julie and Alan married Susan. I had seen Julie around the facility and found her attractive with her long blond hair down to her waist. I remember when she walked by my cubical I would lean out into the aisle and watch her go by. Julie was in the QA group and was responsible for QA and testing so I had been in a couple of meetings with the QA group and knew who she was but had never really talked to her before. We really first "met" on a fishing trip. Harris charted a deep-sea fishing boat and took the entire division out deep-sea fishing. The boat had benches all along the sides to sit and fish from and I managed to get a seat next to Julie and her daughter Anne. Well we fished all day and I got to talk with her. It was really a slow day for fishing as I remember I didn't catch anything worth keeping. Near the end of the day Julie had a big strike and managed to catch a King Mackerel that was probably two feet long and weighed eight or ten pounds. She was one of the few people that caught anything that day. As we were leaving the boat I asked Julie if she new how to clean the fish and she said she didn't so I offered to clean it for her. There was a place at the dock that you could clean fish at so I cleaned and cut the fish into fillets. Julie then asked me if I wanted to come to her place for dinner and she would cook the fish. Of course I accepted. So I followed her home and she cooked the fish and so begin our relationship. We always joked that Julie caught two fish that day, the King fish and me.

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