Mixsonian Larry


Years End

Letter from Melody

When I returned home I found I had received a card from Melody which she had mailed on my birthday and had arrived while I was in Gainesville.  It had been two years since I visited her at her in Maryland and she said she was doing better and still living with her mother.  She said that she was starting ballet classes the coming Saturday and that she had found religion and “accepted the Lord Jesus Chris as my savior on September 23, 1979.”  She said I was welcome to visit if I wish and would like to hear from me.  I think I wrote her back as that would be something I would do but it would be twenty years before I would see her again. The year came to a close with me being quite happy.  Dad was recovering, job was going well, and I had a girl friend who I spent New Years Eve with for the first time ever.

Updated: 05-10-2023