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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy


Archibald Kirkland Mixson, son of John C. and Mary Joyce Mixson, was b. in Barnwell County, SC, Aug. 14, 1797, d. May 22, 1879, bur Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua County, FL . Around 1818, he m. Elizabeth Calhoun, dau. of Micajah (Jr.) and Sarah Young Calhoun. Mrs. Mixson died ca. 1844.


1850 Barnwell, SC, age 52, children: wife Rachel-25, Hasseltine-18, James J-16, Sarah-12, William-4, Ellen-0mo

1860 Marion, FL, age 62, wife Rachel-36, children: Sarah-22, W G-12, Ellen-9, Laura-4, Samuel=2, Hanson-8mo

Their children:

731 Son - not named, d. young

*732 Mary E. Mixson - b. 1820, d. 1895, m. (1) Joseph Robinson, m. (2) John M. Williams

733 John M. Mixson - b. 1827, a veteran of the Mexican War, d. in New Orleans with Yellow Fever. Did not marry.

*734 Harriett Hasseltine Mixson - b. Nov. 1, 1831, d. May 18, 1888, m.
(1) Samuel Dixon Calhoun, m. (2) William Edwards.

*735 James Joyce Mixson - b. Sept. 16, 1832, d. Jan. 6, 1919

*736 Sarah E. Mixson - b. Mar. 31, 1832, d. Oct. 31, 1867, m. (1) Henry Tanner, m. (2) Miles John Mixson (see #761)


Mr. Mixson m. (2) Rachael Ann Calhoun - b. Nov. 25, 1824, d. June 18, 1873, bur Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua County, FL , dau. of Samuel and Catherine Stokes Calhoun. They had following children: (first two born in Barnwell County, SC, all others at Williston, FL)

737 William Gilmore S. Mixson - b. Sept. 16, 1846, d. Feb. 28, 1861, bur. Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua Count, FL

*738 Ellen M. Mixson - b. Oct. 19, 1849, d. Mar. 6, 1881, m. Lawrence W. Jackson

739 Charles Kirkland Mixson - b. Sept. 1, 1853, d. Oct.7, 1856, bur. Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua County, FL

740 Laura B. Mixson - b. 1855, did not marry, d. 1904

*741 Samuel Micajah Mixson - b. Feb.7, 1858

742 Hanson L. Mixson - b. Jan. 11, 1860, d. Oct.9, 1876, bur. Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua County, FL

743 Adalade Caroline Mixson - b. Oct. 10, 1861, d. July 18, 1954, m. Rufus W. Limbaugh, Dec. 11, 1883.

744 Miles Edward Mixson - b. April 17, 1864, d. Oct. 21, 1950

745 William G. Mixson - b. June 24,-1866, d. June 4, 1869


The following letter was written by James Augustus Mixson,8th August, 1952.

Archibald Kirkland Mixson was one of four brothers who moved to Florida from Barnwell District (now county), SC before the Civil War and settled in the Wacahoota Hammock area (Micanopy- Flemington-Williston triangle). The first one to come settle* was Miles, who settled on Mixson Lake, one of several lakes on Johnson Lake Prairie, which took it’s name from him.  Drainage ditches dug by his slaves can still be seen. The brothers were named Archibald, Charles (Charles Jones, #713), Miles (Edward Miles, #712) and Joyce (James Joyce, #711).  Charles and Joyce settled a couple miles away towards Micanopy and his brother, Archibald, settled in the piney woods region about 4 miles to the southwest, near present day Williston. A fifth brother and several sisters remained in South Carolina. Among the sisters was Hanson. I have forgotten the name of the fifth brother. One of his great grandsons is Archibald Kirkland Mixson, Colonel, U.S. Army. Another great grandson, cousin of the Colonel, is Harry Mixson, owner of the Mixson Seed Company, Charleston, SC All the Mixsons in Florida are descended from the four brothers who came here. (An exception is John Mixson of Orlando, brother of the army colonel).

The father of Archibald Kirkland Mixson, my great grandfather (that is, Arch was my great grandfather) was John Mixson, and his mother (John's wife) was Mary Joyce. His father (John's) in turn was named John and his mother Mabel (last name I do not know). That takes us back to my great-great-great grandparents. Papa was named Archibald James Kirkland Mixson for his father, James Joyce Mixson, and grandfather, Archibald Kirkland Mixson. They are buried side by side in the old Baptist Churchyard at Wacahoota.

The Mixsons were distinguished for naming their children for their ancestors. This  accounts for so many Archibalds, Johns, Charles, Joyces and Miles. Note that they also used the family names of their wives - Kirkland, Joyce.

Every fourth Thursday in July, the Mixson and related families of South Carolina, the Kirklands and Brabhams, have a family reunion at the old Mizpah Church at Buford's Bridge on the Salkahatchee River in South Carolina. (Barnwell County near Barnwell).

Fifteen or twenty years ago papa gave me the names of the four Mixsons who came to Florida and their descendants. I should still have this information in my papers but until I open all my household effects I can not say. In the confusion of the war years and numerous moves, I may have lost it.

I believe papa told me great grandpapa Arch used to buy mules and horses in Kentucky and sell them as far as Florida and Alabama. He told me of great grandpa, on one occasion when he was selling mules and horses in Florida, hearing turkeys calling while encamped. They were all great hunters and it was plain to him that they were not turkeys but Indians seeking to lure him to them. Speaking of Alabama, Arch had a son who went away to the Mexican War and died of yellow fever in New Orleans on the way back. Aunt Helen has a letter from Arch to this son telling him to stop at so-and-so's place on such and such river in Alabama, a friend of his; perhaps a friend made through dealing in mules and horses. How that letter came into Aunt Helen's possession I do not know, but I am stating it as I remember. Harry Mixson of Charleston has a great deal of information (written) on the family. He was once President of the association in South Carolina.

--James Augustus Mixson

Copy of letter written by Archibald Kirkland Mixson to his son, John M. Mixson (733).

*Note: Census records show that Charles was the frist one to move to Florida with him in Marion County, FL in 1850.  The census records show the other three brothers still in Barnwell County, SC in 1850.

Barnwell C. H.

May 10, 1847

My Dear Son:

Your letter was received. I hasten to reply to it and enclose you $50. It is truly painful to me to learn of your situation, but hope you will be among us as here-to-fore. After you leave Mobile should you think it best move be advantage to you, you must stop at Selma on the Alabama River below Montgomery. There you will find Comms & Corbett. They will send you to Josiah E. Brown's (*), who lives only ten miles from the place. Should you stop write to me as soon as you can do so. Also when you start from New Orleans, The"Ivanhoe" leaves Augusta every Sat. Should you not meet a boat leaving Augusta when you arrive, come on down on the R. R. to Barnwell and then to the Court House.

Your sincere Father,

(*) Josiah E. Brown was a brother in law to A. K. Mixson, having married his sister, Susan Mixson.

(THE ENVELOPE-From Barnwell C. H. May 17, 1847)

TO  John M. Mixson

Late of the Army of Volunteers New Orleans.

Received New Orleans May 24, 1847

(Note on the envelope)

"On inquiry at Charity Hospital I learned that the person for whom this letter was intended is dead. "

A. D. Woolridge,

D. P. M. New Orleans.


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