1992 - Family Reunion

Labor Day 1992
Junior Family Gathering at Gary's Log Cabin House
10th Ave. Gainesville Florida

Family Gathering at Gary's
Front Row
 Joshua Junior, Katie Allbright, Katie Woodruff, Grandma Junior, Zachary Woodruff, Beth Mixson Woodruff, Coral Woodruff, Kristopher Junior, Justin Junior, Krystal Junior, Venssa Mixson, Daniel Mixson Jr.
Second Row
Connie Junior, Vandy Williams, Molly Williams, Sara Junior, Kristin Allbright holding Jefferson Allbright, Carrie Williams Lacourse holding Nicholas, Ellie Schwander, Bob Schwander, Barbara Junior Mixson, Kelly Junior
Back Row
Cork Junior,Michael Allbright, Marry Gallagher, Dixie Junior, Richard "Dick" Williamson, Carole Junior Williamson, Cork's friend, Larry Mixson, David Mixson Mark Woodruff, Brenda Mixson Stallworth, Morris Mixson, Gary Junior, Eric Junior, Diane Dowling Junior, Laverne Dowling, Jim Mixson, Sue Junior Mixson, Judy Pettit Mixson, Daniel "Dan" Mixson

Morris and Family
Morris and Barbara
Beth, Mark and kids
Zack, Coral, Katie
David, Brenda, Larry
Grandma Junior and her sister Ellie
Grandma Junior and her sister-in-law Ellie

In 1992 Julie and I sold our house on Easy Street in Melbourne and bought a larger and nicer house on Tallpine

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