Scene 1
Circus In Town

Now that summer there was circus group who was a camping in a field nearby.  Some say it was more of a freak show but I like to watch them put on their acts, it only cost a few cents.  Now Willie was in charge of the group he announced the acts and he collected the money.  Rumor had it he was once the president of a big a big company up north but he lost everything he owned gambling on the horses and drinking. 

Madam CarrieNow the fortune teller was his daughter and the only one in their family and the only one that would have anything to do with him.  Seems their ma, Big Willie’s wife, had taken off for greener pastures but old Willie lost all their money.  Now the daughter who called herself Madam Carrie, she smoked, she drank and never could get up before noon.  She and her paw were always fighting because she never made any of those morning shows.

Poor Willie Poor Willie would start the show with his announcements.  Now, when he would tell something about each of those acts at that time. 
Two Headed BoyThere was the awful two headed person, the women in the crowd would gasp at the thought of giving birth to that.  (Women gasping) 
Pig Head Girl Then there was the poor pig girl (more gasping), she couldn’t say a word, only oink. 
Flower Pot GirlThen you had the flower pot girl, she had flowers growing everywhere her innards were suppose to be. 
Tatoo GirlThen you had the tattoo girl.  Her mom and pa were covered in tattoos and when she was born she was covered in them too. 
Miget BoyWe loved to watch the midget boy eat, he always seem to get real hungry at show time and ole Willie would tell him to hurry up and the more hurried the bigger mess he would make and the more we laughed, we would laughed.  Now it wasn’t till I was older that I realized that eating and making us laugh was midget boy’s act. 
Boxing ChimpThen we had the boxing chimp.  Old Willie would offer fifty dollars which was a real fortune back then if you can for three minutes boxing that chimp.  Most of the men and some of the boys tried but not a single one of them lasted more than a minute or so before that chimp knocked them out. 
Princess Tiger LillyThen we had Princess Tiger Lilly.  She was a real Indian Princess. Old Willie found her when her people throwed her out because she had blond hair.  Old Willie took her in and raised her as his own granddaughter.
Gator BoysThen there were a group of brothers that were raised down in the Everglades, you know the swamps. From the time they were babies they had to fight off the gators or get eaten.  Those boys could wrestle the biggest gators in Florida and never get a scratch on them. 

Strongest BoyAnd then we had the strongest boy.  This boy was so strong that at three months old when the wagon they were riding in slipped off the road and turned over pinning them all down.  Well the strongest boy picked up the wagon and he saved his ma and pa’s lives. 

Rubber GirlThe last act was always the rubber girl.  Her name was rubber and so her body was too and she didn’t have all the bones a normal folks have.  She could all sorts of tricks and flips, contortions and me and the other boys thought she was right cute. 

After the acts old Willie would pass the hat around the crowd hoping to collect enough money to buy their supper and maybe enough to buy a little bottle of shine.  Now Madam Carrie, she would tell a few more fortunes before heading to some shady spot for her afternoon nap.  I figured I would head out with them to but my pa heard of my plans and after a harmpen from his leather strap I stayed behind when later that summer they took off down the dirt road.

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