Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Fred

Scene 2
The Medicine Man

The Medicine ManOne day a medicine man, his wife and little girl showed up.  Now the girl was a cute little thing always singing and dancing.  My pa though said that medicine man flue flam man and pure trash but I like to listen to him sell his tonic.  The show would start with the little girl singing and dancing.  Then the medicine man would get some local folks to give testimony to the wonders of his tonics and potions.  Always first to testify was the backwoods coupleBethsy Rose and Marcus Elroy Bethsy Rose and Marcus Elroy.  Seems Marcus Elroy had a real wind problem if you know what I mean.  It was so bad that poor Bethsy was afraid to lift the quilt at night or be in a car with the windows up and they had to decline all social engagements.  After just one week of taking the medicine man’s tonic Marcus Elroy was wend free.  Now, Connie Joe, she loved to tell folks about her maxamol tonic and how it cured Connie Joeher of rabbit fever and her weight problem.  Seems Connie Joe was out in the woods collecting her pine bark, grape seeds and roots and stuff and all those strange things she had when a wild rabbit came up and bit her.  Now she came down with rabbit fever and was near to dying when the medicine man came and gave her his tonic.  After only three days, not only was the fever gone, but she had lost a huge amount of fat and over 100 pounds.  After hearing the testimonials folks gathered around just hankering to buy those tonics and potions.  Now maybe that medicine man was a real scallywag but his wife weren’t much better.  I heard the man at the feed store talking to somebody and he said she was making a nice little bundle at night and it weren’t from selling her husband’s tonic if you know what I mean. 

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