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Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Fred

Scene 6
Medicine Man and Mr. Gary

Medicine Man with Mr. GaryNow I was praying for Mr. Gary that evening as he sat by his springs.  I was on my over to tell him when I saw the medicine man approach.  So I stood back and listened.  The medicine man told Mr. Gary he sure sympathized with him and offer to buy the springs.  Of course he couldn’t give him much for a spring with a monster in it but seeing his little girl and wife like it so much he would be willing to take off Mr. Gary’s hands.  Mr. Gary was so dejected he said he would let him know tomorrow.  Now most people didn’t know that Mr. Gary was about broke.  Seems he like to build things, and after putting up about a trillion buildings at the springs and around town his wife, Miss Diane, she decided she was sick to death of living in that drafty old log house that was Mr. Gary’s family home and that Mr. Gary had always loved .  So to shut her up he let her build her dream house with hot and cold running water and even an inside toilette.  Now the men about felt real sorry for Mr. Gary having to put up with someone with such uppity ways.  But the women said he only got what he deserved marrying an outsider from Gainesville.

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