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Rufus P. RutherfordThat was the end of the monster at Magnesia Springs. The medicine man was arrested but only spent a few weeks in jail.  He and Dixie Lee took off together and people claim they have seen them traveling from Key West all the way up to Jacksonville.  Her two daughters are still fighting over who should be the real Miss Magnesia Springs and they get a free pass for one year at Magnesia Springs and a weekend at the Bambi Motel in Gainesville and a case of RC Cola, the crown and most of important , the certificate.  The medicine man’s wife and daughter stayed on in these parts.  They joined preacher Tommy Bob’s church and spent many Saturdays at the springs singing and giving their testimonies, talk about the evils of their past.  The circus group went to the next town and for several years, stopped in each year at the springs to perform.  In time the Great Depression ended, thank God and people found jobs and homes again and traveling circus groups sort of became a thing of the past.  After the reporters wrote their stories and published their pictures of the monster people came from all around to see where it happened.  And well Mr. Gary saved his springs for over sixty years and we have been bringing our children and their children and their children to cool off here in the hot summer days. 

I hope yawl enjoyed you time here as much as we all, the people here enjoyed bring you this story.  Well, that’s good bye, for now at least, your story teller, Rufus P. Rutherford.   Thank you kindly.

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