Mixsonian  Barbara Waive Ruby

Remembering by
Barbara Junior Mixson

We lived with Grandma and Grandpa Schwander.

1934 My sister, Sue Beverly, was born May 21, l934. Sometime later this year we moved into a small apartment in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was during the Depression and daddy did all kinds of jobs to support our family. He sold and delivered ice. He sold fish, door to door. He worked on the WPA, a good paying job at that time. Mom said we always had a warm place and food to eat. Later he worked for Cook Coffee Company as a door to door salesman and made $40.00 a week.

1935-1936 Dixie Lee was born March 30,1936. Daddy was doing good at Cook Coffee Company. Sometime during these years he left Cook Coffee Company and started his own business, called Grand Rapids Coffee and Tea Company. It was very successful.

1937 Carole Lynn was born December 30th.

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