Mixsonian Larry

James Darlington Mixson is Born

It was a cold winter day that December of 1948 in Barnwell County South Carolina when Charles Jones Mixson’s#713 wife Mary went into labor.  They had expected the baby to be born a week earlier but come Christmas day they were relieved when the baby did not arrive so that both them, and their six children, could enjoy the Christmas holiday. Then on that last day of the year, a son was born, and they named him James Darlington Mixson#766.  The next day, New Year’s Day, the kids gathered around their mother in front of the fireplace to see their new brother.  James and Mary explained to the kids their choice of names, with the middle name “Darlington” after Darlington County South Carolina from where their family had originally come, a tradition that would continue though following generations of sons.

At this time the Mixson’s had been in America almost two hundred years, with the first Mixon, John, (spelling his name without the “s”) arriving in Jamestown Virginia from England in 1650.  From there, John Mixon’s descendants spread to North Carolina, then to South Carolina where many Mixon/Mixson lived at this time.  

Tobias Anderson is Born

While the Mixson’s in America had a new son, across the ocean in Garden Waseider Mo Sagn, Norway Anders Olesen and Beret Anna Holgersdatter third son was born, and they named him Tobias.  It was a difficult time for the Anders and his family with unpredictable growing conditions and the potato blight they struggled to feed the family.  Over the next few years there would be widespread famine across Norway changing their lives.