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Mary Mixson Dies

In 1903 J.D. Mixson’s wife Mary took ill and died in a few weeks.  Having been though the death of his first wife and now his second he could have gone into despair, but this time, with twelve children, eleven of them still living at home, he turned to his children who supported him and each other in the absence of their mother.    In December of 1903 another Wilbur, Wilbur Wright and his brother Orville had their first successful airplane flight in North Carolina.  It would some months later before the Mixson’s in Florida got the news.  When J. D. Mixson read the article in the newspaper he found in interesting that it was about a Wilbur and read the story to his son Wilbur.  Wilbur, Mixson that is, a boy of fourteen did know quite know what to make of men flying.

Updated 04-13-2023

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