Mixsonian Fred Junior

Flemington Baptist Church

The Flemington Baptist Church did well with Reverend Fred Junior as the paster and in the early months of 1949 the congregation, as well as the offerings grew.  It quickly became apparent that the building they got from Camp Blanding they were using for a chapel was too small and they needed a larger building.  A building committee was formed with the initial meeting opened by a prayer from Brother Geiger and a scripture reading by Reverend Junior taken from Philippians 2:5-16.  One of the first decisions made was that they would need to obtain a loan from the bank, something few of the men at the church were familiar with being mostly farmers. As a businessman, Fred was in his element and explained thoroughly the method of obtaining loan from bank.  Floor plans for the new building were drawn up, presented to church members, voted on and passed followed by a special collection for the building fund.  Additional pledges to be paid over the next ninety days were made by the men of the church including men from the Pardee, Geiger, Chitty, Dixon, Yawn and Mixson families.  Reverend Junior donated his salary of $25.00 a week for two weeks.   

Ground was soon broken, the foundation laid and over the next few months the building began to take shape with much of the work being done by church members.  Reverend Junior providing guidance, the building meet regularly and in June they voted to use the more expensive #1 Knotty pine for the front, back and ceiling of the church and to get the heavier 24-gauge galvanized tank for the Baptistry. With the completion of the new building in sight, the committee voted to turn the old building, the one they got from Camp Blanding, over to the young people to use as they see fit.       

Updated: 12-26-2021

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