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I always liked drawing when I was a child and that continued though high school when I went though a geometrical phase making drawings on graph paper that we used in algebra class for graphing equations, sometimes making the drawings in class.  It also was when I painted my first painting with acrylics.  I had been working at Hospital Stores for almost a year when I came across a small acrylic paint set on one of the stockroom shelves.  As I had mentioned, Hospital Stores had thousands of items, mostly the usual hospital items but also many other odd items, one was a paint set. Why a hospital would have a supply of paint sets wasn’t clear.  There was a dozen of them on the shelf, five by eight inches, containing eight small tubes of different colored paints and a couple of brushes.  We had just done inventory and I counted how many sets there were, all accounted for, none had been taken out of inventory in the past year, evidently not a popular item.  Knowing that it wouldn’t be missed for inventory the following year, I borrowed one.  Ok, let’s be truthful, I stole one and took it home with me. After work one day the following week I went to the Campus Book Store which was across the street from the Computing Center where I worked and bought a 20x30 inch poster board for paintings.  The next weekend I spread newspapers on the floor of my bedroom, put the poster board on it, and sitting on the floor painted.  A geometric scene with colored orbs floating in space going off into the distance, a path of the primary colors leading to a door.  I’m not sure what it was meant to be, I never gave it a name.  Now, fifty years later, it sits on an easel in my bedroom.

First Painting

Updated: 11-10-2022

Emotional State