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I took Zoology on a whim; Karen, who had lived next door for a few months, had mentioned she was a graduate student in zoology which sounded interesting, so I signed up for the course.  It turned out to be a simple twist of fate that would influence my life for many years.  The first day of classes was a perfect Florida January day, sunny, high in the low 70’s, so as I often did on such days, I rode my bike to class.  The classroom was large auditorium that could seat over a hundred students. I arrived on my bike, parked it in the bike rack outside the auditorium and locked it up.  I entered the auditorium through the side entrance which, upon entering, finding I was in the middle of the rows of seats. I walked about ten seats down and sat down next to a girl with long brown hair.   Class began and was soon over, the girl next to me and I got up to leave, walked out the side entrance door and headed to the bike rack.  I watched her as she unlocked her bike a dozen feet from mine and ride away.    Zoology class was held on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule so the following Wednesday I again rode my bike, entered the auditorium and the girl was sitting in the same seat, and I again sat beside her.  We had both arrived at class early so as I was sitting, she looks at me and I say hello, I’m Larry and she responds telling me she is Elizabeth.  And so it went the following few weeks with us talking more before and after class.  I wrote in my Journal…

Wednesday February 20, 1974

Elizabeth, ah. Met her in Zoology class. First day of class just sat by her and have been doing so since. She’s 24, looks like she’s 18-19. She thought I was around 23-24. I invited her over for dinner Friday night.  

I’ve been trying to avoid the thought that’s she my dream, but she is so, what?  I like her a lot, want to know her better, she seems so perfect.

Become close,
Care for,
Believe in,
Just Love.

Updated: 04-08-2023

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