Mixsonian Larry

Spring Quarter

The winter quarter ended with me making an A in the computer course on compilers. I enjoyed the class, the instructor presented the material well, I learned a lot about computer language syntax, parsing languages and how “high level” computer languages are converted into the lower level computer code.  Yeah, like totally geek, but it made sense to me.  While the best thing about Zoology was meeting Elizabeth, I found the subject had too much memorization, Phylum, Kingdom, Order, Species, well something like that, memorization was not something I was good at, but I managed to make a C in the course.  Elizabeth made an A.  I would later find out that Elizabeth had an encyclopedic like mind for details. She worked part time at the Shands Medical center doing medical transcription of doctor’s medical reports. You can image the medical terminology they used, she not only could spell every word, she could tell you what they meant.  I found I was beginning to not like Electrical Engineering, making a D in Electronics and a F in the lab but I hadn’t given up on Electrical Engineering yet when I signed up for the spring quarter.

Spring Quarter Courses

EE-331             Circuits 1
EE-561             Digital Computer Principles
EGR-183           Elementary Engineering Graphics

I continued taking the free karate classes and moved up to first degree which earned me a green stripe on my white belt. 

Updated: 12-31-2022