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The Coke Glass Incident

Coke GlassesI had been thinking of moving out of the place I shared with Bill when the Coke glass incident happened. Bill was a moody guy with ups and downs, I suppose I was too, but he expressed his mood more outwardly while I did more inwardly.  Bill wasn't much at house cleaning when one day it all came to a crashing peak. Bill, working full time at the car parts place, would several times a week go to lunch at the nearby McDonalds where they had a promotion that if you bought a large Coke you would get to keep the Coke glass. The first few he brought home were nice, I liked using them and would wash mine and if Bill left one by the sink, I would wash his too.  Well two of weeks go by and there were eight or ten glasses which Bill continued to leave next to the sink and I would wash. Another two weeks and there were two dozen glasses and decided I wasn't going to wash Bill's glasses anymore and left his there next to the sink when I washed mine. A couple days go by and there is five or six more next to the sink, a week goes by, all two dozen dirty glasses are by or in the sink, some with moldy milk in the bottom, it was disgusting, but I wasn't going to wash them.  Bill said nothing about it, not a word. Something had happened that day at work that pissed Bill off and he came home in one of his moods.  He picked up his football and began pacing around the kitchen, slapping the football back and forth from one hand to the other, getting more and more angry as he told me what happened when suddenly, and with a loud explicative, he slams the football down onto the floor like he just made a touchdown, the football bounces up, hits the ceiling light in the center of the kitchen, breaking it, pieces of glass raining down on Bill's head, the ball then bounces off the ceiling, and like I see it in slow motion, the ball heads directly towards the sink, crashing into all the dirty glasses, breaking half of them, glass going everywhere.  I was stunned, I was shocked, Bill turns to look at and says, "I didn't want to wash those glasses anyway." and we both breakout laughing.  I helped him clean up the mess and the next day I went to the hardware store and got a new glass shade for the ceiling light.  From that point forward Bill washed all of his own dishes.

Updated: 12-31-2022

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