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Birth, Birthday’s and A Wedding

Birth Anouncementanouncement

On March 20th while in Austria, Brenda and Tom third son Andrew was born then on the 21st my sister Beth had her 20th birthday followed by my brother’s birthday on March 26th which he spent at Mount LeConte Lodge and as we know from Mom’s memoirs, they made a cake for him.  

Beth's Wedding

David being at Mount LeConte, hiked down the mountain and flew back to Florida for  our sister Beth’s wedding which was on April 18th, a few weeks after her 20th birthday. Beth and Mark Woodruff were married at Westside Baptist Church.  It would be the last time I saw Mark without a beard. With Grandpa gone, Victor Nickerson married them.  Victor was the husband of Janice Yawn, the daughter of Betty and Billy, Mom and Dad’s best friends and lifelong friends of us kids.  Janice and my sister Brenda followed much the same path, with them both meeting their future husbands at the Baptist Student Center, both husbands going into the ministry of the Baptist Church, and both going on to be missionaries.  While Brenda and Tom went to Austria, Janice and Victor went to Brazil.

Updated: 07-28-2023