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The Shuttle Challenger Explosion

Shuttle Challenger Explosion
Shuttle Challenger Explosion

The morning of January 28th 1986 I went into work at Custom Programming Service who's office was in Indialantic just across A1A and the beach. After working for a few hours I had just walked out side to go to my car when I looked up and saw the space Shuttle Challenger taking off from the Kennedy Space Center which was about twenty miles north.  I hadn't thought much about it since I had seen many a shuttle take off and land but I paused looked up and started watching it.  I was very surprised when there appeared to be an explosion   and the two boosters went off in separate directions. I watched spellbound for another couple of minutes and then ran back in side and told Jimmy who I was working with that the shuttle had just exploded.  I then quickly went home to watch the news on the TV.

University of Central Florida

Spring:  Descrete Structures
Summer: Microcomputer Fundamentals
Fall:       Intro to Intellegent Systems

At Brevard Community College I took Communications II
General Biology