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Desiree at Machu PicchuIn August I went on a ten day trip to Peru with Desiree.  This was a fantastic trip which we went to many Inca ruins, towns and of course Machu Picchu.

Mexico Group 20042004 started with the yearly yoga vacation in February, the HAYC trip to Mexico with Susan Van Nuys.  This was my second year and I had a great time. 

After the trip to Mexico in Feburary other adventures awaited, hike on the Potomac, Peru, funeral and more.
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And I went to a yoga workshop with John Friend at Inner Harmony in Utah..  Here is John Friend teaching me Natarajasana. He was lifting me up so much my heal was comming off the floor thus the guy holding it down.
 Larry with John Firend(OK, I don't look as impressive as Desiree, but still, not bad)