Mixsonian Larry


Year End

Journal Entry
December 5, 1976

But in the bowls of the earth there raged such a fiery, hellish place that none such as ourselves could enter without being consumed by the flames. And out of this place sprang a creature that was beautiful to behold. Female she was.

And she would bring down her wrath upon me…. No just kidding….  

 My birthday fell on a Wednesday with Christmas the following Saturday so I asked Elias if I could take off work on my birthday, Thursday and Friday so I could spend Christmas back in Gainesville.  I got paid by the hour and many at Harris were out, so Elias had no problem with me taking the time off.  I spent my birthday driving to Gainesville where Mom made a nice dinner and a birthday cake for me.  Brenda and Tom arrived the next day, David was there, and Beth was still living at home.  I didn’t get anyone presents for Christmas, explaining I had been too busy moving, getting settled and working.  Truthfully, I didn’t like buying presents, We were not kids anymore and I never knew what to get anyone.  Mom and Dad gave everyone a card with a twenty dollar bill in it and they gave me a second card with twenty dollars for my birthday.   David and Brenda gave me simple gifts making feel a little guilty about not getting them anything.    The next day being Sunday we all went to church together then I left right afterwards and return to Melbourne. 

The week after Christmas was really slow with many of the people at Harris taking the week off.  Elias, who I learned was Jewish, was in the office so I came in and worked partial days that week writing code and  Elias and I went to Pete’s Ocean Grill a couple times for lunch.  New Years Eve came, and I spent the day alone watching the celebrations at Times Square on TV as the year came to an end.

It had been a year with lots of changes but I was happy and ready for the new year and what it would bring.

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