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1988 - Job Hunt

Journal Entry
April 4, 1988

So the job with Com/Soft fell through today. Actually it may still happen but it seem unlikely. A bit of history...

I got laid off at Paravent. Paravant had a loss of business. They lost or have had delayed all of their current contracts. This included all the contracts with Miles Labs. I was responsible for all of the software development contracts with Miles. In some ways I might have been somewhat responsible for the loss of these contracts, but if so I wasn't informed of such. Let me explain. I was told that I was to be the main Miles technical contact. When I took the job I was told that my job responsibility was to be about 10% management and 90% technical. I was to have all the technical responsibility of contracts with Miles Labs. At the time, although I wanted to believe in this, I new that they really wanted me to be more of a manager than a technical leader. I should of listened to my instincts.

As it turned out my job was to be mainly management. This was mainly due to, (from my on observations) that the head of software management was a typical software guy. He had be promoted from what he did best (software development) to become a manager. He had now idea of management. When I was hired he expected that I would take care of the management responsibilities of the Miles projects. This I knew but was my downfall at Paravant for I didn't want to take on the management responsibilities.

I handled the technical aspects superbly. The V.P. of engineering said that Miles had told him that they were very happy that I had taken over the Miles projects. I gave Miles everything they wanted. I paid no mind to the cost and schedule of the project. I thought the software manager was doing this. Low and behold, three quarters through the project the V.P. of Engineering realized that the project was 150% over cost and was only 85% finished. Well of course the software manager blamed me! I of course paid no attention to the cost because I didn't have access to the cost figures. Only the software manager and V.P. had access to these figures. Well of course the V.P. listened to the S.W. manager who blamed me.

When Miles canceled several future projects because of the current project cost over-runs, the V.P. and S.W. manager blamed me. Thus when the company was in finical trouble they laid me off to save cost.

So this brings me to my current situation. I have been out of work for four weeks now. I sent resumes to over 30 companies. I have interviewed with three companies. one was Comsoft.  Also employee of Lockheed met with some guy who has a company in Utah and they had come two or three software systems which they had interest in me. 

Larry Mixson, April 4, 1988

What Happened?

After not finding a job in the Melbourne area, Julie suggested I look in the Washington DC. area as she thought she would like to move back there.  After looking the the Washington paper for a few weeks I lined up two interviews, one with CCI and another with another company (I think it was Lockheed).  They both made offers but I liked CCI in Reston Virginia the best and accepted the job and started in April 18, 1988.  Julie and Anne stayed in Florida that first year as Anne was in her last year of high school and Julie in her last year at UCF.  About once a month I would travel back to Florida.

Larry Mixson, 2008