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Larry Turns 30

30th Birthday


For my 30th birthday Julie had a surprise birthday party at our house on Easy Street.  I don't remember who they all are but on the right are Susan and Alan.  They also had a belly dancer come and dance.  An interesting thing about her was I had met her a couple years before on my diving trip to the Bahamas (see Nightmare on the Impossible Dream)

UCFIn 1982 I decided to go back to the university, after a six year hiatus, to finish my degree. Since I was living in Melbourne Florida, the University of Florida was out of the question.  The University of Central Florida in Orlando was an hour drive away so I registered at UCF in the Computer Science program. I transferred what credits I could from UF but since my time at UF, the universities changed from the quarter system to semesters so I didn't fair to well.   I started in the spring semester with the Fundamentals of Statistics as it was now required.  I made a solid B in the course.  I contiuned in the summer semester taking course in Databases.