1974   1975 1976  


In 1975 I continued working at CIRCA as a full time computer programer I. 

Florida GatorIn the winter quarter I took Electronics I and associated lab.  I made a D in the class but a B in the lab. 

The spring quarter I took a 600 level class called Microprocessors.   At the time, microprocessors were very new, it was the year that the Intel 8080 was released.

Summer quarter I took Electronics II which I failed.  This was the final class that convenced me I did want to study Electical Engineering.

The fall quarter I took Systems Programming I.

Triumph Spitfire

I bought this Triumph Spitfire from my friend and previous roommate, Bill Lassister who had bought it from the local sports car repair shop.   The sports car repair shop specialized in British cars and had modified this car.   It started with a Spitfire chassis but had a Triumph GT6 engine and bonnet.   It look in sad shape here but after I repainted it white it looked quite good and I sold it shortly thereafter and made a slight profit.