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+ Deeply Rooted Story 1966
+ Project Orion, Donald M. Mixson and the Atomic Spaceship
+ Deeply Rooted Story 1965
+ Deeply Rooted Story 1964
+ Deeply Rooted Story 1963
+ Deeply Rooted Story 1962
+ Deeply Rooted Story 1962
+Log of the TT Minerva - Tomoka
+Log of the TT Minerva - Juniper Springs
+ Rosalie's Roses
2022-Feb, Mar
Deeply Rooted Story 1945-1952
+The Bench
+Log of the TT Minerva
+Deeply Rooted Story: Tate's Hell
+Deeply Rooted Story: Years 1950-1951
+Deeply Rooted Story: years 1946-1949
+Story: Kayaking on the Santa Fe River
+Deeply Rooted Story: years 1939-1945
+Deeply Rooted Timeline
+Frank Maner Mixson and the Whiskey War
+Updates to Coat of Arms
+Updates to Sons of American Revolution
+The Mixson's Bone Bed

+The Story of the Tree
+New chapters to the Deeply Rooted Story
+Update to Grandma Mixson's house
+The Old Home
+Letters to Wilbur from sons 1932
+99 Love Letters
+The Flemington Baptist Church
+Wilbur 1919
+Rosalie 1919

+Wrtings about my Father
+Boy Scouts

+1970 Solar Eclipse
+Window to Life test page, Try It
+Index to Journal Entires

+Drawing and Painting
+ To Mother From Larry
+ Airplanes School Paper
+ Childhood Art
+ My Storybook
+ Pictures by Larry and David
+ Columbus's Ships
+ Africa
+ Rocks Are Fun
+The Beaver
+ Ecuador
+ Science Fair 1968

2019-Dec The Owl in the Christmas Tree
2019-Sept The Porch Swing
                                     The Call of a Thousand Frongs
          The Toy Box
         The Balance
                         Estate Sale, Chess Set
                 Mowing the Yard
         Baby Cloths
2019-May Hats
2019-April Deeply Rooted
2019-Mar A Place Called Reston
2019-Feb Over all site refresh with new menus and banners,
Updated Cars
Computers 2019
Hobby Birding
Summary of 2018
2019-Feb Added Mom's Diary of Trip Out West
2017-Apr Added John Leslie Mixson's Coat of Arms
2017-Feathered Pipe Ranch Yoga Retreat
2016-Jan Updated 2009-2015 Lifeline pages, added New Zealand Trip
2014 Added Turkey Yoga Vacation
2014-Sep Interesting foot note to 1979 Impossible Dream story
2014-Sep - Morris Fishing as a Young Boy
2014-Sep - added 1989 Canoe Trip and Family Pictures
 Yoga Vacation with Sun and Moon Yoga Studio 2014
2013-Jan-Feb - Added 600 additional names, see list
2012-July - Mixon-Mixson Family VI, II, III, with 10,000 Names
2012-Feb - Mixon-Mixson Family with 3500 Names
2011-Dec - Guest Book Fixed, please add your comments.
2011-Dec - Added Feaster, Dixon, Yawn
2010-Dec - Morris During The War
2010-Oct - Updated Junior page
2010-Jul - Kitchen Renovation
2010-03-06 HAYC Yoga Vacation in Mexico
2009-Oct - TV Cabinet
2009-Aug Larry's Book List
2009-July Descendants of George Mixson, Christopher Tatman
2009-July Story about Grandma Mixson By Glenda
2009-6-17 Grand Canyon Retreat with Mary Bruce
2009-06-13 - 45 Things - Mixsonian Treasure Hunt
2009-03-14 HAYC Mexico 2009
2009-03-13 Guest Book fixed, Comments appreciated.
2009-02-14 Morris Talks about the University of Florida Chemistry Department
2009-01-19 - The Monster at Magnesia Springs - ** Now with Video **
2008 - Moore's Pond as told by Morris
2008 October - HAYC Nova Scotia Trip
2008-09-14 - Mixson Census Data 1800-1930
2008 - Camp Winnebago Maine
Barbara & Morris's trip to Alaska
Add Junior/Junion Genealogy
Add Schwander Genealogy
Add Stories About Jobs I have had
Added various notes to what others wrote. 
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2008-08-17 - Fred & Waive Junior Page
2008-08-02 - 1958 Pictures
2008-08-01 - 1964 Soap Box Derby
2008-07-25 - 1991 Canoe trip
2008-07-25 - 1990 At Jules' Undersea Lodge
2008-07-20 - Fourth of July 2006
2008-07-20 - Yoga on Smith Mountain Lake - 2006
2008-07-20 - Article in the Washington Post Magazine
2008-07-11 - John Friend - Pura Vida, Costa Rica
2008-07-05 - Master Bath Renovation
2008-07-04 - Tombstones Added Page and links in Genealogy
2008-06-27 - Updates to Lifeline 1978 and 1979
2008-06-27 - New Links to Fishing Stories
2008-06-23 - Updates to Pets - Snakes
2008-06-23 - Added Pets - Fish
2008-06-21 - Added story links and photos to Yoga Experiences
2008-06-18 - Added pictures to Places I've Lived